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Photometry tests  
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Photometry tests  
  The Photometry Laboratory provides lighting equipment manufacturers with a service to determine the characteristics of light emission and basic criteria for lighting projects, that are very demanded by engineering companies in building and refurbishment projects for buildings intended for housing, offices, schools, industries, sport facilities, etc.

This laboratory is provided with the latest technology and a goniophotometer with a rotatory mirror, and that with the most advanced software gives a complete and detailed photometry information for a wide range of luminaries from projects to small emergency luminaries.

The main information that can be collected is:
  • Electric current matrix
  • C-Gamma polar diagrams (2D or 3D)
  • Measuring of lamps luminoux flux
  • Luminaries efficiency
  • Glare diagrams
  • Zonal flux
  • Utilization factors according to UTE, LiTG, CIBSE, etc. regulations
  • Isolux curves (2D or 3D)
  • EULUMDAT, IES, CIE, etc. files

Telephone number: (+34) 91 491 8168 Ext. 204email: bajatension@lcoe.etsii.upm.es
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