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R&D&i Activities, studies and projects  
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R&D&i Activities, studies and projects  
  LCOE performs transient studies in high voltage electric systems, specially on high voltage insulated cables connected to GIS and high voltage aerial devices.  
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More info:http://www.lcoe-hv.com
  Studies on Transient Overvoltages/Very fast transient measurings  
  The burying of high voltage cables and their connection to GIS have produced a lot of overvoltage and insulation faults.

LCOE performs transient studies in high voltage systems, especially in insulated cables with GIS connection and high voltage airlines.

Studies are conducted by an ATP programme and LCOE numerical tools, that have been developed to discover overvoltage in high voltage shielded cables that are connected in different systems (cross-bonding, single-point with or without electrical bondings).

These tools allow setting up any network topology between high voltage cable screens, even when they are connected with airlines and GIS to assess the most adverse circumstances against different types of failure (substation failure, through distant failure and siphon effect).

This tool has been extensively used by new insulated lines and existing lines. Circumstances such as the transition from an airline to an underground airline or connections from the substation are simulated in order to choose the best solution.

Studies on ATP and field measurements have allowed modeling and predicting overvoltages that appear, as well as controlling their effects by an adequate choice of arresters.
  Studies on overvoltages in shielded cables
  • Modeling and study on protective devices in insulated cables
  • Studies in transient and steady states
  • Power limiters selection
  • Improvement proposals analysis in shielded cables connections

  Studies on overvoltages in GIS
  • Modeling and study of overvoltages between GIS envelopes and shielded cables
  • Power limiters of GIS envelopes selection

  Electric systems analysis and modeling. Studies of insulation coordination
  • Electric systems traction
  • Switching and short-circuit performance studies: temporary and high frequency transient overvoltages
  • Ferroresonance studies

  Electric systems modeling
  • Advanced simulation models for insulated cable systems, transformers, GIS substations, arresters
  • Frequency domain models

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