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High Voltage Calibrations  
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High Voltage Calibrations  
  The High Voltage Electric Calibration Laboratory, first laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025 Standard by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC), was recognized by the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM) in 2001 (R.D. 346) as a Laboratory associated with CEM, holder of the Spanish high voltage patterns and ratified by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

Their international recognition, as Metrology Institute Appointed, enables them to issue BIPM Certificates to spread the traceability of high voltage direct magnitudes and impulses.

Their high voltage portable facilities fixed in vans and trucks provide independent test laboratories and manufacturers with a service, as well as high voltage power transformers in substations.

LCOE has been appointed by the Administration as Electric Measurement Verifier for power transformers to issue verification certificates.
Telephone number: (+34) 91 601 12 40email: seccion6@ffii.es
More info:http://www.lcoe-hv.com
  Accreditations and Recognitions
ENAC Accreditations: 1/LC10.001 Calibrations  View certificate   View Technical Annex
  Maximum calibration capacities
  • High direct current: maximum calibration capacity 1 MV
  • High alternating current 50 Hz/ 60 Hz: maximum calibration capacity 1,0 MV
  • High voltage impulses: 3,0 MV
  • Transformation ratio: 240 kV
  • Capacity: 200 kV
  • Tangent delta: 10-4, 240 kV

  High voltage measurement systems calibration (IEC 60060-2)  
  Laboratory holder of the high voltage national reference ratified by BIPM
  • Lightning impulses
  • Alternating current
  • Direct current

  Laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025 for high voltage calibrations in laboratory or "on site"
  • 1 MV DC measurement systems
  • 1,2 MV AC measurement systems
  • 3 MV lightning impulses measurement systems
  • 2,5 MV switching impulses measurement systems
  • 240 kV power transformers
  • 1500 A current transformers
  • Verification of DP measurement systems
  • Transient high voltage generators

  Verifying Body of electric measures for power transformers and current transformers
  • Verifications in laboratory
  • Verifications in the facility
  • High voltage energy measurement

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