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Low Voltage, Time and Frequency and Optics calibrations  
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Low Voltage, Time and Frequency and Optics calibrations  
  Besides the High Voltage Calibration Area, the Technological Centre has ENAC accreditation according to ISO 17025 Standard for calibrations in different areas such as flickers and optics. The areas that have accreditation are:
  • Electricity in direct current and low frequency
  • Time and frequency
  • Optics

The calibrations are intended for different customers:
  • Calibration laboratories, test laboratories and quality guarantee laboratories
  • Conformity evaluation bodies (for instance, inspection bodies, control organizations or vehicle inspection bodies)
  • Manufacturers, engineering companies or high voltage installation companies
  • Manufacturers, engineering companies and small and medium companies in the high voltage sector

Telephone number: (+34) 91 601 12 40email: seccion6@ffii.es
More info:http://www.lcoe-hv.com
  Accreditations and Recognitions
ENAC Accreditations: 1/LC10.001 Calibrations  View certificate   View Technical Annex
  Calibrated instruments  
  Next the main groups of calibrated instruments are listed in groups  
  Passive elements such as resistances, inductances and capacitors
RLC measuring bridges
Direct current (DC) comparators
Pattern current transformers or current comparators
Multifunction electrical gauges
Zener and solid state voltage references
High resolution digital multimeters ( 8 1/2 digits)
Electric energy pattern counters
High Ohmic value pattern resistances
  Test laboratories instruments
  Machinery safety testers
Flickers, harmonics and impedance for flicker tests
Leakage current measuring devices
Capacitance bridges and delta tangent
  Industrial calibration and quality control
  Oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz bandwith
Ammeters and kiloammeters
Power and energy analyzers
Networks and harmonics analyzers
Resistance, inductance and capacitance decades boxes
Calibrating devices, thermocouples simulator-gauges
Capacitance meters
Welding testers
Active and reactive energy meters
Chronometers associated to protection testers
Stroboscopes and frequency meters
Power meters
Electromagnetic radiation meters
High voltage insulation meters
Digital multimeters
Digital and analogical ohmmeters
Transformers calibration bridges
Temperature simulators
Direct and alternating current shunts
Earth meters
Current clamps, power clamps, wattmeter clamps
Power transformers and voltage transformers
Protection relay testers
Voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters
  Electric systems calibrators
  Harmonics and networks analyzers
Residual current devices (RCD) testers
Low voltage testers
Ground loop impedance testers
Step voltage testers and touch voltage testers
High voltage insulation meters
Earth meters
Current clamps
Gas detector clamps
  Optics calibration
  Light meters
  Photo gallery  
Light meters calibrationHigh value resistance calibration systems with a modified Wheatstone bridgeHigh voltage calibration system in oil bathTransformers calibration
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