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High Voltage Tests  
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High Voltage Tests  
  High Voltage tests are conducted in the High Voltage Laboratory located in Tecnogetafe.
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  Accreditations and Recognitions
ENAC Accreditations: 3/LE130 Tests in the Industrial Sector  View certificate   View Technical Annex
  High Voltage Laboratory (HVL)  
  The High Voltage Laboratory (HVL), has two shielded buildings, the High Voltage building is 40x25x25 mxmxm sized and the Medium Voltage building is 29x13x12 mxmxm sized and a climatic chamber 5,5x3x3 mxmxm sized.  
  High voltage building
  In the High Voltage building there is an industrial frequency generator 1 MV (50 Hz/60 Hz) and a lightning impulses generator 2,4 MV (switching impulse2,0 MV up to 1,3 MV).

Technical characteristics
  • Industrial frequency system: 1 MV/ 2 x 500 kV, 1 A/ 2A
  • Resonant system: (20 Hz-300 Hz): 680 kV, 3 A
  • Lighting voltage impulses system 1,2/50:2,4 MV, 120 kJ
  • Switching impulses system: 250/2500: 1,3 MV, 120 kJ
  • PD and RIV measurements up to 400 kV

  Medium voltage measurement
  In the High Voltage building there is a 1 MV industrial frequency generator (50 Hz/60 Hz) and a lightning voltage impulses generator 2,4 MV (switching impulse up to 1,3 MV), measurement of ratio and phase displacement errors on voltage and current instruments transformers, partial discharges measurement in Faraday cage and power transformers testing including measurement of no-load losses, short-circuit impedance and load losses, voltage ratio, windings resistance, induced voltage test, temperature-rise test...

Technical characteristics
  • Industrial frequency system: 150 kV, 1 A
  • Lightning impulses system 1,2/50; 400 kV, 10 kJ
  • Faraday cage: 4x 3 x 2,5 mxmxm

  Climatic chamber
  In the climatic chamber performance tests are conducted at extreme temperatures, reproducing adverse atmospheric conditions between -40o and +60o C.

Technical characteristics:
  • Dimensions: 5,5x3x3 mxmxm
  • Maximum temperature: + 60º C
  • Minimum temperature: - 40º C
  • Refrigeration capacity: 30,5 kW

  Tests performed in the High Voltage Laboratory  
  HV Dielectric tests
  1 MV, 50 Hz/60 Hz Frecuencia industrial / Power frequency.
2,4 MV Impulsos tipo rayo / Lightning impulses.
2,0 MV Impulsos tipo maniobra / Switching impulses.
Medida de Descargas Parciales / PD Measurements (IEC 60270).
-30 ºC hasta +40 ºC Ensayos climáticos / Climatic tests.
Ensayos bajo lluvia y de contaminación artificial / Wet and pollution tests.
Ensayos con ondas compuestas AC / LI / SI.
Ensayos de larga duración (fatiga dieléctrica) / Long duration tests.
  Tests on products and materials
  Aisladores vidrio y porcelana / Glass and porcelain insulators.
Aisladores de material compuesto / Composite insulators.
Transformadores de potencia / Power transformers.
Transformadores de medida / Instrument transformers.
Aparamenta AT / HV Switchgear.
Cables aislados y accesorios / Insulated cables and accesories.
Pararrayos / Arresters.
  Impulse currents up to 200 kA (240 kJ)
  8/20 y 4/10 µs pararrayos / Arresters.
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