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Power and short-circuit tests  
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Power and short-circuit tests  
  Power tests are conducted in the High Voltage Laboratory (HPL) in Amorebieta (Vizcaya), through an Agreement with "Ormazabal Corporate Technology" (OCT) "Temporary Cession of Tests facilities". Tests are performed under staff control and according to LCOE Quality System, that grant independence and confidentiality of tested equipments, processes and results obtained. In order to achieve this, LCOE has their own high voltage measuring equipment and LCOE staff are the only people authorized to handle the samples.  
Telephone number: (+34) 608 860 868email: jose.bregel@ffii.es
More info:http://www.lcoe-hv.com
  Accreditations and Recognitions
ENAC Accreditations: 3/LE130 Tests in the Industrial Sector  View certificate   View Technical Annex
  High Voltage Laboratory  
  The High Voltage Laboratory (HPL) is a landmark to develop electric industry, due to its singularity and test capacity. It can reproduce ordinary service conditions and short-circuit conditions, both of high and low voltage systems.

It has a 2500 MVA generator, located in a two-thousand-metre facilities, where high voltage tests can be conducted.

The short-circuit generator consists of a 1500 kVA three-phase engine that can generate 58 kA, with a 14 kV voltage that is the maximum short-circuit voltage available for the tests.

The facility also has different equipments such as switching devices, power transformers and resistor, inductor and capacitor banks in order to configure the load, limit the current and adjust the test voltage. The different tests configuration is automatically performed through disconnectors operated by remote control.
High voltage switches and automatic switches
Ability to withstand short-circuits:40 kA/3 seconds
Short-circuits cut and connection:20 kA/ 36 kV
31,5 kA/ 24 kV
40 kA/ 17,5 kV
Active charges cut and connection:up to 630A/ 36 kV
Capacitive charges cut and connection:up to 100A/ 36 kV
Electric arc:40 kA/ 1 second
Ability to withstand short-circuits:20MVA/ 36kV
25MVA/ 24kV
Low voltage equipment
Ability to withstand short-circuits:80 kA/ 1 second
  High Voltage tests  
  Prefabricated transformer substations
  Prefabricated transformer substations should be tested for short-duration overcurrent and with the required peak value and internal arc tests. The goal of this last test is to analyze the effects of an arc inside the transformer in order to achieve adequate protection for people and property, both inside and outside the transformer.
  Disconnectors and earthing disconnectors
  Disconnectors and earthing disconnectors must undergo short-duration overcurrent and with the peak value required in order to check its ability to withstand short circuits or to establish a short in the case of earthing disconnectors.
  Breakers and high voltage circuit breakers
  High voltage circuit breakers for rated voltages above 1 kV must undergo establishing and blackout tests in order to check their ability to open and close assigned.
  Power and distribution transformers
  Proficiency testing to withstand shortcircuits of the power transformers is done to demonstrate the transformer ability to withstand overcurrents produced by an external shortcircuit. These overcurrents produce thermal and dynamic effects that the transformer must be able to bear to ensure people and facilities facilities.
  Metal-enclosed high voltage switchgear
  Metal-enclosed high voltage switchgear must undergo short-duration overcurrent test with the peak value required in order to check their ability to withstand these stresses. Internal arc tests must be performed to analyze their protection capability for people and property.
  High-voltage fuses
  Blackout tests in high-voltage fuses ensure their ability to interrupt melting currents in the established conditions of use and operation.
  Measurement/protection current and voltage transformers
  Measurement/protection current transformers should be subject to the relevant tests to ensure they are able to withstand the thermal and dynamic effects resulting from overcurrents produced by external shortcircuits.
On the other hand, measurement/protection voltage transformers should be subject to the relevant tests to ensure they are able to bear, with the terminals of the primary fed at the rated voltage, the thermal and dynamic effects of a shortcircuit in the secondary terminals.
  Acreditation and tests methods  
  LCOE is accredited by ENAC for Power Tests, in regard to Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (CGA-ENAC-LEC).
Producto / Material a ensayarEnsayoMétodo de ensayo
Centros de transformación prefabricadosTodos los de la norma excepto:
Ensayos de CEM
UNE-EN 62271-202
Seccionadores y Seccionadores de puesta a tierraEnsayo de verificación del poder de cierre de cortocircuito de los seccionadores de puesta a tierra.UNE-EN 62271-102
Ensayos con sobreintensidad de corta duración y con el valor de intensidad de cresta admisible.
Interruptores de alta tensión para tensiones asignadas superiores a 1 kV e inferiores a 52 kVEnsayo de establecimiento y de corte.UNE-EN 60265-1
Ensayos con sobreintensidad de corta duración y con el valor de intensidad de cresta admisible.
Interruptores automáticos de corriente alterna para alta tensiónEnsayos con sobreintensidad de corta duración y con el valor de intensidad de cresta admisible.UNE-EN 62271-100
Ensayos de establecimiento y de corte.
Ensayo de cortocircuito.
Transformadores de potenciaAptitud para soportar cortocircuitos.UNE-EN 60076-5
Transformadores de medidaEnsayo de sobreintensidad de cortocircuito.UNE-EN 60044-1
Ensayo de resistencia al cortocircuitoUNE-EN 60044-2
Accesorios de cablesEnsayos de cortocircuito para accesorios de cables eléctricos.UNE-EN 61442
Ensayo iniciación corriente de defecto.
Aparamenta bajo envolvente metalica para corriente alterna de tensiones asignadas superiores a 1 kV e inferiores o iguales a 52 kVEnsayos de cortocircuito.UNE-EN 62271-200
Ensayo de defecto interno.
Aparamenta de alta tensionEnsayos con sobreintensidadUNE-EN 60694
Equipos de alta tensiónUNE-EN 60060-3
Fusibles de alta tensiónEnsayos de corteUNE-EN 60282-1
Fusibles de alta tensión: Cortacircuitos de expulsiónEnsayos de corteUNE 21120-2
Conjuntos de aparamenta de baja tensiónVerificación de la resistencia a los cortocircuitosUNE‐EN 61439‐1
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